Light Your Way, Your Work, Your World.


The Glowstone is a rubber block of light that can be kicked about, attached to anything and light up everything. 

It can be used in any scenario, no matter how mundane or extreme. Whether it's for DIY, Photography, or Cave Diving.

2 options available:

The Flashlight - 900 Lumens, 2-60 hrs runtime 

The Flare - 2000 Lumens, 4-320 hrs runtime


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One light, 100+ uses

The Glowstone's modular design means it can be adapted to any situation you may need if for. It can be a bike light, a headlamp or even a SCUBA diving light. 

Built to survive

With its stiff metal spine and soft, durable silicone outer, the Glowstone survives almost anything you can throw at it.

Wirelessly recharged, It's fully waterproof (IP69K) and safe to use in dangerous areas (ATEX rated).

With so many features and applications, the Glowstone is the Swiss Army knife of lights.



Light so bright and pure

Inspired by the light panels used by the movie industry, the Glowstone uses an array of LEDs to ensure a clean, even light output with an accurate colour rendition (95 CRI). It emits a photography-standard light that is excellent to work under.


So many ways to light up your day

The Glowstone Flashlight (GL900) has 

  • 5 brightness settings
  • Battery charge indication
  • 4 flashing modes
  • Edge lighting mode
  • Colour temp 5600K

The Glowstone Flare (GL2000) has even more options, with

  • 10 brightness settings
  • Battery charge indication
  • 4 flashing modes
  • Edge lighting mode
  • Colour temp adjustment between 3000K to 7000K
  • UV/ Red/ Green lighting options

Sustainability at its core


Unlike oil-based plastics, Silicone is derived from sand, so it's better for the environment. It's also more durable than plastic so it lasts longer.

Sealed unit, inside and out

 The Glowstone electronics and batteries are completely sealed in Silicone. This preserves the internals, isolating them from oxidisation, just like when DNA is preserved in a mosquito when trapped in amber.

No leaking or disposing of batteries

I'm sure we've all gone to use a flashlight, only to find it doesnt work and worse, the battery compartment has battery acid from leaking batteries. Our built-in batteries are good for 4000-6000 recharges.

Portable, Pocket-sized Powerhouse

Its power-to-size ratio is better than any other.

With the Flashlight's ability to provide up to 60 hrs of light, and the Flare able to output a mind-boggling 320 hrs of light, it makes it an invaluable piece of kit for any camper, tradesman or explorer. 

Combine that with its insane light output of 900 lumens for the Flashlight (60 Watts equivalent) and 2000 lumens (150 Watts) for the Flare. They are capable of turning night into day, for days.

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Your New Flexible Friend

Every detail of the Glowstone has been refined to make it as useful and practical as possible. 

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